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2 years ago


To follow this article you required basic idea of how to use Vim and its command based editing. And it focused on how to make it an IDE.

2 years ago

Times are changing… Technology is moving forward… Command line tools are becoming obsolete… Programmers today don’t need to touch type… Using mouse to copy and paste is perfectly fine… You can always look up those design patterns on the web… Your IDE can do a lot of things for you so you don’t need to think… Can you feel that? Can you feel that this is TRUE? Then stop being UNPROFESSIONAL and think again! 

Michał Taszycki: Programming Workout (by wrocloverb)

2 years ago

Being Elastic - Evolving Programming for the Cloud

Randy Shoup discusses the need for a new programming model targeted at the cloud, covering topics such as state/statelessness, distribution, workload partitioning, cost and resource metering, automation readiness, and deployment strategies.

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2 years ago

The Language Panel

Gerald Sussman, Rich Hickey, Allen Wirfs-Brock, Joe Pamer, Andrei Alexandrescu, and Jeremy Ashkenas, moderated by Dean Wampler answer questions from the audience on programming languages. 

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2 years ago

Recorded at: It Is Possible to Do Object-Oriented Programming in Java

Kevlin Henney takes a philosophical approach to encapsulation, polymorphism and inheritance, and explains what it means to write Java programs according to his view on OOP. 

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